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Photo Contest is the largest photography community in Greece. It has over 23000 users and can keep you scrolling through user photos for a long time.

Social platform

Users have profiles, upload photos to contests and comment on them. They can follow each other and there is even a newsfeed page where you can see the activity of users you follow. Much like Instagram!

Amazon S3 Integration

Photo Contest hosts over 200GB of photos on Amazon S3 servers. This relieves load from the main server making the app faster.

Schoolwave is a 3-day-long music festival that takes place every year in July in Athens, Greece. Its team also run live events throughout the year all accross Greece, featuring school and student bands.

Demo submission platform

The site features a platform where bands create a profile and submit their demos, as part of the selection process for the festival. Around 150 bands submit their demos every year.

Festival archives

There are also pages with news, band profiles, past & upcoming events, photos & videos; content from all the years Schoolwave took place, since 2005.

Eastwind brings together their first-class marine equipment manufacturers in Asia and their long-lasting customers in Europe.

Preview functionality

One of the custom features that were requested and developed is that admins have the ability to navigate the site viewing draft records, instead of live public ones. This helps the clients feel certain about not only the content they are about to publish but also how it feels along with other draft content.

Other site features

Presentation site. Management of divisions, services, companies and blog. Functional contact form.

Presentation site for Yiorgis Lampathakis' work. Includes a blog and supports multiple languages.

Schooligans magazine website, migrated from an older joomla project. Includes highly dynamic content structuring to accompany complex magazine-link page setups, while still being responsive.

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