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Web development seems to be the most challenging and abundtant source (I have found so far) of what I seek in my professional life: Analysing and creatively solving problems; that's what I do best... Apart from watching Netflix!

Tasos Maschalidis

Web developer, lifelong learner


It's called Fullstack Web Development. It means I have the knowledge of the whole workflow that is required to take a web app from the "idea" stage all the way to being open to thousands of users. As far as visuals are concerned, my colleague Vakri is always next to me to help deliver the best results!

Ruby On Rails

I use Ruby On Rails, a powerful framework that can fit almost any need. It is used by websites like Github, AirBnB and more.

Mobile Friendly

Nowadays it should be a crime to call yourself a web developer if you're not familiar with mobile friendly best practices. Fortunately my criminal record is clean *bad joke aler.. too late*

Yes we can

Whatever you are thinking. It can be done. Programming lets us write the logic from our heads directly into the software. That's what developers do. Trust us.

Wanna see some projects?


"He delivered 110% of what I needed! Clearly understood the project and delivered a perfect end product. I definitely intend to use his services for future projects!"


"I can not say enough good things about this seller! The files were high quality and I will use his services again! Thanks!"


"TASHOWS is awesome!! Super fast and always high quality. Great to work with ; ) Tonya"


"Tasos is the best professional you could possibly hire! EVER!"



Here is some completely unbiased evaluation of my skillsets. These do look nice, right?

Ruby On Rails






Math skill of people who draw charts lilke these



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